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Passive house architects and designers with experience implement passive house projects for the severe winter conditions.

Ltd. “Inteleko” offers passive house design and construction services, using the German PHPP software in design calculations. Our work quality is provided by certified and experienced passive house designers, architects and builders, as well as modern and high quality materials.

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Passive house designers and architects Latvia, Europe

Passive house architects and designers Inteleko Ltd, Latvia

Certified and experienced latvian passive house architects and designers

Our passive house architects and designers are working closely with each client. When you choose the passive house our architects and designers get acquainted with your building plot and presents you important guidelines for passive houses, which will be specific to your case.

Note that within passive house design your devoted little effort in collaboration with architects and designers is rewarded with interest in the way of life comfort, good health, low cost and house longevity.

Our passive house designers and architects pay much attention on home location, shape and placement of glazed surface points of the compass, construction type, surface and volume relationships, selected materials, the type and location of utilities, ventilation networks.

Unless you would like to live in a warm and healthy microclimate and at the same time to pay a minimum bill for home heating, be sure to choose energy-efficient or even passive house. Ltd “Inteleko” will help you to realize this dream.

Passive house construction

Passive house builder - "Inteleko", Ltd. We will realize your Project according to the passive house standards from the foundation construction and ending with the interior decoration.

As well as within the framework of the renovation we carry out particular construction work, for example - roof construction or insulation work etc.

Component trade

Passive house component trade. Each component is important in the passive houses - especially sealing materials, windows, doors, ventilation and heating systems, etc. in order to perfectly carry out their functions and to be durable.

We have made efforts by finding the best and now we are offering it to you.

A little bit more of a passive house

In the sections below you can learn more about house building concepts fulfilling the highest standards of the low energy consumption buildings.